Friday, September 12, 2008

Winning Streak

Yesterday we won our softball game 15-8...that's TWO IN A ROW! We are officially on a winning streak. Too bad the season is over and now its time for the tournament.

The good part was that this team was undefeated (we were 1 for 6)...The bad part was that before the game even started, I was innocently standing just out side our dug out when some giant mammoth of a guy threw a ball as hard as he could to a girl standing at first base. Of course the lame girl missed it and it hit the back of my thigh. I now have a 7 x 7 inch bruise that hurts very badly. Then, in the last inning I partially stopped a super fast grounder with my right hand...which was pretty stupid of me, because now my hand is all bruised and beat up as well. least we won, right?



When we were at La Vigna I did'nt see any bruise on your hand!!!