Thursday, September 4, 2008

Stupid Teacher

Let me tell you about a recent school experience I had.

So, the first week of classes I went with my family to Lake Powell. I figure that nothing really happens the first week anyway, so it wouldn't be a big deal. It wasn't. But, to be a good student, I emailed all of my teachers to let them know.

One of my teachers emailed me back saying that the first day of class had been changed from Wednesday to Thursday, and from 2 pm to 1 pm. Considering that my email to him said that I would be gone, I didn't really find it relevant.

Then, when Monday came around I headed to class on the scheduled (according to the official UVU website) day and time just to find that no one was there. I was confused so I emailed him again. I got no response until Tuesday around 3 pm telling me that he had decided to perminently change the class to TTh at 1. Too bad I got the email at 3...2 hours too late.

Now, after missing 2 classes, I was determined to make it ready and on time today so I went to where he had told me to go in his email...and I even showed up 8 minutes early. Then I waited, and waited, and waited. By 1:15 I decided to start looking around the building to see if maybe I had just missed soomething. I couldn't find the class anywhere. So I left, and then emailed him again.

This was his response:

"Okay, Thursday, today is good. How about at 3 pm? My phone number is 801-560-****."

What the crap does that even mean? Thursday is good? Didn't YOU tell ME that class was on Thursday at 1 already, then you weren't there. And why would I be calling him? I was SO confused.

So I responded:

"I went to the library at 1...well, 12:50...waited until 1:20 and then left just to find out that you want the class to meet at 3? Now I am at work and cannot be there. I would really appreciate a little bit more stability in your class, I cannot keep missing out on work and changing my schedule every other day. Plus I would like to actually attend the class that I am paying for. Is there anything else I can do?"

He then replied:

"I suggest you call me."

What an idiot.

I have now successfully missed all 3 potential classes. If I didn't need this to graduate, I would just drop it and get rid of the loser.