Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Within the last 7 days:

*We spent almost $1,000 on text books
*We found out that our seatbelt ticket from California was going to cost us $400 (luckily we will be getting some help with that one)
*Cody's truck broke down and cost over $500 to fix
*My car is making funny noises...especially the breaks
*Cody's grant money was received, yet mine misteriously was not approved (luckily it will be)
*At my new job I work half my pervious hours while making significantly less money per hour (and because of the pay schedule I haven't been paid in over a month)
*Our sprinklers broke and now we have to pay to replace them

Shall I go on? Because I can. haha. Sometimes money just sucks. I think we should go back to the barter system. I would be really good at growing produce.