Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Just Pretend They Aren't There

Today, while at the UVU bookstore with Cody, I ran into an old buddy from Lehi High. I noticed him a few rows away. And as we made eye contact, he quickly turned his head. In high school we had a good relationship, we hung out often, I dated one of his best friends, so his head jolt was not because of bad blood...and it confused me. Then as he walked closer I said, "JACK!" (which is not really his name) very enthusiastically. It was the kind of name call that meant, "Oh my gosh I haven't seen you forever! It's really good to see you." He then responded joyfully. We chatted. We were happy. It was fun. Life continued on.

My question is...Why do people do that? Why do we purposely ignore, or act as if we don't see or recognize people we know when we really do. That has always bugged me, and yet I too have done it. Since realizing the error of my ways a few months back, however, I decided to put a stop to the stupidity...hence my example today. I live in Utah County, so things like this happen often.

Also, (and this is on a slightly different subject) I think it is completely odd that you can be internet buddies with people (blogs, facebook, whatever), but then when you see them in real life its suddenly awkward. I guess I have come into contact with several people that I didn't have very personal relationships with in the first place, but still...its not like you or I don't already know whats going on with that person's life, because we read their stuff all the time. So why not be friendly?

Who knows, maybe its just me. Maybe the people that I talk to online really don't like/care about me at all, they just have some weird fascination with my life.


Seth & Kirie

Hahaha...I sure hope you aren't referring to our run-in at Thanksgiving Point! ;-)

P.S. It's about time you updated your blog!!! I am always so excited for your posts. I love reading what you have to say :-)


that was a great post and SO true! I do it all the time, which is totally stupid! Why? I have no idea what prompts this idiotic behavior but I am determined to do better!

Brother and Sister Harker

So true, and I have done it too. What is up with that? I will work on it.

The Price Family

I was just talking with Jesse about this exact topic a few days ago. I hate that people act like they don't know you in public. I just want to grab their faces and make them look at me. Or i would like to yell at them and say HI really loud to get their attention. I have been yelling hi and looking at them lately. Some say hi back and some just run away and then I see them later hahaha. At times it makes me not want to say hello anymore to anyone but then there is always the ONE person who says hello back so I keep on saying hi to the blank faces...

Durrant Family

Sometimes for me it's because I can't remember their names and I don't just want to say....I know you but can't remember your name...or Hi there...good to see you again. So you don't say anything in case you think her name is Jenny and it's really Molly. I think sometimes it's just to save myself the embarrassment. Your Favorite Aunt Julie


Guilty! It's usually when I think I look terrible and don't want them to see me. Otherwise, I don't have a problem with it. Now that we have moved to Nevada I wish that I could see old friends more often just to see a familiar old face in the middle of nowhere :).

Ashley and Jeremy

It's true, I wish i could be hanna