Thursday, September 25, 2008


I feel like writing a post, but I have nothing really to say. So, what do I do? Write anyway. I mean, it is my nature. I write all day long.

Moving along...

There is a girl in one of my Tuesday/Thursday classes that is due December 25 (she is having a boy I believe). I learned this the first week of school. And, having a good friend due that same day who happens to live on the other side of the world, I find comfort in watching this stranger's belly grow. It's like I am there for my friend vicariously through some random, and possibly weird, girl. I wonder if she thinks I'm the weird one because I always sit by her and talk to her? I wonder if it is weird regardless of what she thinks?

I often find myself debating this question of normality v. weirdness. Cody tells me that in the car he likes to make really strange noises to entertain himself. I dance, sing and talk in Spanish, answering all my own questions...that I knew the answer to before I asked.


What does it all even mean? Am I making any sense?


The Price Family

you are totally normal. i think that everyone does weird things when no one is around. I tend to make up songs and sing them in a VERY LOUD opera voice.

p.s. you are the first person to know this minus my hubby. feel special.... because you are. :)