Monday, September 15, 2008

Cody and I have been stereotyped...

Everyone in our ward, well a vast majority of them, refer to Cody and me as, "The couple in the big house with no kids." We have been called this several times.

For all they know, we have been trying for years and because of some reason or another we can't have kids. OR, we won the lottery and that's how we live in such a nice house (which, just to add, is on the smaller side for the subdivision we live in...not that we don't LOVE it, because we do).

Anyway, I thought it was interesting.


Ashley and Jeremy

hahahahaha i'm not sure why but this post made me really happy. not because i like to see the big kids be mean to you hanna, but because its such a classic example of stupid people in this area i love it! I kinda want you to start a rumor about yourself that you enjoy working and never want to have children....i bet you don't pay tihing on your money either you worldly person. noone can have that much money and still be righteous :)