Friday, September 12, 2008

Wheelchair Man

There is this guy at my work that is in a wheelchair. I'm not sure why, but I am just dying to ask him about it. Is that a big NO? Is it politically and/or morally incorrect for me to question him on life in a wheelchair? I mean it with all respect. I am just very curios as to how and why it happened, and what its like for him. Is that acceptable? I just don't know whats okay, whats not get what I'm saying?

Anyway, what do you think?


the ogle's

Ask the man. He's got enough people staring at him like a little child does. The difference between the adult staring and the child staring, is the child will ask. they'll say "what happened?" or "why do you sit down all the time?" Adults do what you mentioned about long time friends ignoring each other in your other post; act like they weren't looking.

I'm sure he would rather have you ask sincerely than just looking at him and wondering. Then again, I'm not him. Meh.


go ahead and do it. Im sure he already has a lot of people asking him. Im sure he wont mind at all. Just ask What happened? or how did you get in a wheelchair. come on.then again I dont know if he would want to be asked. but i am sereously not him.but whatever.dede


Ask. It is completely not a big deal when people ask about Hunter. In fact, I prefer it to the questioning stares.


Speaking of wheelchairs, check this video out of Joe Biden asking a guy in a wheelchair to stand up. :)

Also, just ask him! I'm curious myself, lol.