Thursday, September 18, 2008


Today I was at lunch and someone told me that I looked like Cameron from House (it's a TV show...there is a picture of her below). I was also told that I look like Jodi Foster(seriously?).

I guess this is just one of those stupid questions that you always want to know the answer to. So tell me, who do YOU think I look like? If you can't think of anyone for me, try it out with Cody instead...I dare you...


Seth & Kirie

I can see the Cameron comparison...but not Jodi Foster! What?!

Speaking of House...did you catch the season premier? I have to wait until it gets posted on Hulu because I have class on Tuesday's and no more DVR :(

Randy and Anissa

Definitely look like Cameron!

Brother and Sister Harker

You don't look like Jody Foster but you do look like the other chick. She is pretty too so that is good.
I have been told my like 10 different people that I look like Selina Gomez, she is on some wizard show on disney. Sort of weird.

Cody and Hanna

I can see the Selina Gomez resemblance...