Thursday, September 18, 2008

Temples and Seizures

Lat night Cody and I went to the Mt. Timpanogus Temple. As we were sitting inside one of the sessions, the man in the seat next to Cody starting flailing his arms and making weird noises. In all seriousness, the noises originally made him sound like he was handicap and having some sort of outburst. At least that is what Cody thought as he held the guys arms so they would stop hitting him.

Then, when the guy continued to be out of control, Cody realized that something more than a disability was wrong. The man was having a seizure. It was really intense and lasted for at least 3 minutes.

Cody and another man continued to hold the guys arms down while he was seizing so he wouldn't hurt himself, which he did anyway because he bit his tongue. I only know that happened because you could see blood stains all over his clothes. One long stream ran down the middle of his tie.

Luckily, someone sitting in front of them was an ex-paramedic, so he immediately went to the rescue. Once the guy stopped convulsing, he kind of just stared off into space and wasn't really responsive. Some of the women were totally freaking out and making things much worse then they needed to be...of course. We were evacuated from the room, the paramedics arrived to take him to the hospital, we were allowed back into the room and then continued on as usual. Weird. And scary.

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Brother and Sister Harker

Scary! One time when we were at the temple an old lady behind me kept on farting, I was trying so hard not to laugh ( and it makes it worse when it is dead silent). For the rest of the session it smelled like poop. I really think she was wearing a diaper and pooped. It was sick!