Friday, September 19, 2008


I stole this, ruthlessly, from a blog that had borrowed it from another blog...mainly because it is interesting to read. Go ahead, see for yourself.

1. Avoid people who “size you up.” Likewise, don’t size up others (i.e. “Do you rent or own?” is a useless question, unless of course you’re a loan officer). Sincere friendship is built on fellowship, not comparison.

2. Surround yourself with people who are kind to strangers, especially waiters and cab drivers.

3. If a “friend” pauses, becomes physically jealous, or feigns excitement when you share some genuinely exciting news, kindly show them the door and wish them well. A true friend will always be excited with your achievements.

4. Avoid people who brag about how busy or tired they are — it’s a cheap way of saying they’re more important than you, and you don’t want to be around people like that for extended periods of time.

5. Avoid “one-uppers,” or at least let them know that you’ll only continue the relationship so long as they stop one-upping.

6. Surround yourself with good company that will fight over the restaurant tab with you. Avoid those who pretend like mom and dad are around to pay for everything.

7. Avoid people who feel entitled to something from you or who constantly seek favors without return. This is good indication that said person is selfish, not to mention rife with ulterior motives.

8. Avoid people who brag about materialism or how often they travel. Not only are they likely to be up to their eyeballs in debt, hating their chosen profession, or miserably alone, they’re bad friends.

9. If you have “friends” that make you feel uncomfortable in any way, drop ‘em like a bag a dirt. Set the expectation early with douche bags that you’re no longer interested in pursuing the relationship. You can tactfully accomplish this by not reaching out and/or declining further requests to hang out. They’ll get the message.

Interests may come and go, but authentic friends are constant. Have the courage to find and maintain the keepers in life while exiling the duds. You’ll be much happier for it.


Tone Loc

Not ruthlessly, just flattered you read it from my blog. We should meet, tell Cody hi from me!


True friends are great to have. This is an interesting take on what a good friend really is.

Also I feel like everyone is pregnant and I agree that living in a LDS community does allow for more of the population to be pregnant.

Brother and Sister Harker

That is so great! I love the parts about them bragging about vacations and being busy, oh and the rent or own thing that is a good one, I have been asked that.
I am guilty of the one-uppers before though and I feel bad. Here is the story one time my BFF Callie (above) said,"I have a headache" and I said, "you have a headache, I always have one." Then she replied,"yep you are the only one with problems." then and there I was well aware of my mistake and I knew I had done it before, since then I am very aware of that.
I am sorry Callie.

Zach and Cristi Benedict

Good stuff to watch out for. My mom used to have this book, I think it was called "Toxic Friends." It had a lot of similar things about friends you should avoid. It's sad; but true.